HP P1005 Laserjet Printer

rate 3.8
  • Brand: HP
  • Category: Printer
  • print speed: 14 ppm

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HP P1005 Laserjet Printer. Have it all with the HP LaserJet P1005 Printer. Print bold, crisp text and sharper images with new HP spherical toner and a redesigned, intelligent cartridge. Experience trouble free printing with high end features and legendary HP reliability. Make the most of your work area with this ultracompact laser printer HP innovation makes it possible. Our patented new spherical toner is controlled more efficiently, which allows for a smaller print cartridge, and as a result, a smaller printer. And because sound can be as intrusive as size, the printer is specially designed for exceptionally quiet operation. You can enjoy the convenience of desktop printing without the annoying background noise. Conserve resources as well as office space. Engineered to use the smallest amount of power possible to get the job done, this printer stays cool and keeps your energy bills low. Do not waste time waiting for your documents. Other printers need time to warm up before printing the first page, but with no wait Instant on Technology your first page will print in half the time. Get the performance and reliability that is just right for your small business or personal needs with a 266 MHz processor, 2 MB of memory, and speeds up to 15 pages per minute, ppm. Now it is easier than ever to keep your desktop printer running smoothly, with many of the same technologies as HPs robust workgroup and department LaserJets. Intelligence in the print cartridge enables automatic print quality adjustments, so your documents always look great. Cartridge intelligence also helps ensure you never run out of toner: the cartridge communicates with the printer software to alert you when supplies are low and provide convenient options for online reordering. Just choose your preferred reseller and place your order through HP SureSupply.

Technical Details
Physical specifications
The following table indicates the physical specifications for the HP LaserJet 1005 Series printer.
Height 253 mm (10.0 inches)
Depth 486 mm (19.1 inches)
Width 415 mm (16.3 inches)
Weight (cartridge installed) 7.3 kg (16.1 lb)
Printer capacities and ratings specifications
The following table indicates the printer capacities and ratings specifications for the HP LaserJet 1005 Series printer.
Print speed 14 ppm

First page out in less than 10 seconds
Paper input tray capacity 250 sheets of regular weight 20 lb (75 g/m2) paper or up to 30 envelopes
Output bin capacity 125 sheets of regular weight 20 lb (75 g/m2) paper
Minimum media size 76 x 127 mm (3 x 5 inches)
Maximum media size 216 x 356 mm (8.5 x 14 inches)
Media weight Output bin - 60 to 105 g/m2 (16 to 28 lbs)

Straight through media path - 60 to 163 g/m2 (16 to 43 lbs)
Base memory 1 megabyte (MB) of random-access memory (RAM)
Print resolution 600 dpi
Duty cycle 7,000 single-sided pages per month
PCL Level 5e via MS-DOS (R) programs running in a Windows MS-DOS DOS shell
  • Energy Star qualified Black-and-white laser printer with space-saving design
  • Print black text and images at speeds of up to 15 ppm
  • High-resolution capabilities of up to 600 dpi
  • 150-sheet paper tray minimizes time spent refilling paper
  • High-speed USB 2.0 port connectivity
Michael James Lane 5.0
38 of 44 people found the following review helpful
This is a great printer for many basic print jobs. I was tired of replacing ink every 3 months on my ink jet printer and all I wanted was a printer that printed b/w so I could print out maps, shipping labels, etc. This printer is great! No problems at all, its fast, the print is crystal clear and the price is cheap! It does not print photos at all but I was able to print off google maps so it did its job.
Mac_Cat "MacIntosh Man" 4.0
14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
This is a sturdy little printer and I bought it to travel with me. It's so nice to have a laser printer for business and it's plenty fast. It also works on Mac's as well as Windoze XPBut, it's more expensive than the newer P1006, which has more features and 4 times more RAM. The new one is only slightly faster, but a little heaver.And, while the new P1006 lists for $180, its selling for under $100 street price. HP ships it OVERNIGHT for free, but you pay sales tax. Amazon uses a New York co ... mpany, so you pay shipping and tax.You can't go wrong with this printer. It's ideal for traveling sales people, lawyers, and students. More >
D. Sahni "diesel66" 5.0
20 of 24 people found the following review helpful
I have owned this great little workhorse for a little over a month now. Didn't buy it from Amazon, but from HP directly for $49.99 with free shipping! I have put this printer to many a test, and it always performs very well. Does not crumple or mess the paper up like a lot of other cheap laser printers out there. I have it connected to my Apple Airport Extreme wireless router and it was a breeze setting this up to work on my home network which consists of an Imac, a macbookPro, and a windows Xp ... desktop. It is extremely quiet while printing and is quick. The best part is its small size. One could say it even looks cute!! More >
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